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Weekly Meditation Group

Every Sunday from 7:00 - 8:30 PM

Marydell Faith and Life Center

Nyack, NY

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Heart Centered Spirituality

7 month program beginning April 2024

The Center at Mariandale

Ossining, NY

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How do we live from the heart? How can we meet each moment and act in the world with embodied presence and clarity?

This is a year-long program, designed to cultivate awakened presence in daily life and compassionate action in our world. 

For countless centuries, spiritual traditions have passed on tools and teachings to meet the challenges of life and of the world with wisdom and compassion. For much of that time, the insights of various traditions were seen as incompatible with each other; today, there are new possibilities in understanding, practice, and faith.

Through meditation, accessing the wisdom of the body, reflecting on spiritual traditions, expressing creativity, and cultivating our relationship with nature, we will nurture personal and communal transformation. A key component will be journeying together with other people committed to deepening, on the path of heart centered living.

All are welcome to join, regardless of religious or spiritual traditions.

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