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Our nature-based morning with Christina was a sacred, renewing experience. She is a gentle, competent facilitator who is well organized and able to connect with others. Most importantly, her own deep spirituality is clearly at the core of all she is and does.  All who participated in her mindfulness and movement exercises were renewed by the experience.  Thank you Christina!

Rosemary Mulvihill csj, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Sacred Threads

Christina Leano is a gentle and compassionate teacher whose calming energy is truly contagious. Even upon first meeting her, it is clear that her knowledge and experience practicing and teaching mindfulness and meditation is a central part of who she is, not just something she does. While she clearly practices what she preaches, she does so with a genuine humility and a kind sense of humor that allows her students to acknowledge, accept, and embrace their humanness. 

Dr. Laura Testiler, clinical psychologist and yoga teacher

Christina's wealth of experience, gentle guidance and personal stories provided a safe space to deepen my path of mindfulness. The classes' practical tools and in between session encouragements were supportive and are helping me live out my intention to meditate and move mindfully daily. I highly recommend her classes.

Monique Morimoto, spiritual leadership coach and drummer.

Christina has a richness of gifts that allow her to both guide and educate those whom she encounters. She has an incredible compassion for the needs of others and the world as well as a unique way of helping others see compassion in themselves. Her dedication and intentionality to her work, her faith, and her spiritual and meditative practices provide a sense of adeptness and professionalism. Beyond the skills and knowledge she has built, Christina has a softness and a quietness that is like a deep calming breath welcoming and gentle.

Laura Fothergill Facilitator, Trainer, Presbyterian elder

I loved the structure of the course and the person who was leading it showed great experience and compassion! The course is a great way to stop, breathe and connect.

Carolina Rios, Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator, School of Social Work, Barry University

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